Data Empowerment Design Studio #1

Design and test of a sustainable local delivery service

In early 2020 residents, local entrepreneurs and welfare workers from the Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam, researchers from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Center for BOLD Cities and designers gathered to develop prototypes sustainable last mile logistics services to meet 'local' values and needs and to generate collective value for their community.

(Action) research

Participants developed low-fi prototypes to test their assumptions regarding local last mile logistics services. We learnt that online shopping has a negative impact on the local economy and on the level of amenities in the neighbourhood.

Low-fi prototypes)

(Co-creative) design

Facilitated by Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken (A/BZ), those involved developed alternative concepts for local delivery services. One of these is Homies; a service whereby young people with a distance to the labour market - supported by youth workers - would deliver goods for residents, local entrepreneurs and the market. In this way they would develop labor market qualifications (cf., Open Badges).


With a low-fi prototype we gathered responses to the Homies-service at the market and we presented our ideas and findings to a panel of experts. We concluded that alternative value systems and government support would be needed to develop a public collective service that could compete with commercial delivery services and that would generate value for the neighbourhood.