Latest work

Public data donation
Data collection and visualziations by citizens regarding their well-being
Right to Reyeroord #2 - Taking Space
Supporting youth to develop, program and govern their own Youth Hub in Reyeroord
Kralingen aan de Maas
Unsollicited urban planning
Right to Reyeroord #1 - Making Space
Exploring institutional boundaries in providing youth with (a) space in their neighbourhood
Donate your Data!
Design and test of ideas for a public health data donation practice
Data Empowerment Design Studio #2 - Commons in City-making
Commons and citizen empowerment in smart city development and governance
Data Empowerment Design Studio #1
Design and test of a sustainable local delivery service
DemoS Strandeiland
Involving inhabitants in their neighbourhood's development
Your Neighbourhood, Your Data
A gamified survey for smart city research