Public Data Donation Project Funded

Exploring Data Commons

After a Convergence-funded pilot on what a public data donation practice for health and well-being could look like (see publication), we teamed-up with IDE TU Delft-researchers ( and we wrote a research proposal in order to:

  1. Investigate collective health and well-being related urgencies of inhabitants of Afrikaanderwijk and Vreewijk (Rotterdam);
  2. Identify relevant data, sources and strategies to address defined urgencies;
  3. Collect data (citizen science);
  4. Analyze, visualize collected data and brainstorm how these could support local value creation;
  5. Design a public data donation practice/platform for health and well-being.

We made it to the final 15 in an NWO competition to get innovative and multi-disciplinary citizen science projects funded, but despite a good pitch at the TEKNOWLOGY festival, and – as far as we are concerned – a highly illustrative demonstrator of the research problem (bias in representation in research population) “Piloting a Public Data Donation Practice to Explore Inclusive and Just Health and Well-Being” was not funded. Fortunately, we managed to get support from Erasmus University’s Vital Cities and Citizens program (for phase 1 and 2) and the Resilient Delta Initiative (phase 3 and 4).