Pizza Nights and Youth Council @ HQ Reyeroord

Co-creative consultations of youth

After Right to Reyeroord #1, youth in Rotterdam Reyeroord were granted a ‘youth hub.’ We stated that, ideally, this space would be designed, programmed and governed by youth themselves. In a series of activities, we guide all stakeholders to achieve this objective.

  • On Pizza Night #1 (55 youngsters present) we investigated what activities youth would like to engage in in the ‘youth hub’.

  • On Pizza Night #2 (50 youngsters present) we investigated what the name of the ‘youth hub’ should be according to those present, and what rules could be formulated in order to make it an inclusive place.

  • With a dedicated group of ‘kids’ from the neighbourhoord (age between 12-20), the Youth Council, we have bi-weekly meetings on topics like:
    • Identity (name, logo);
    • Communication (building a website, moderating socials);
    • Ownership of and access to the building;
    • Behaviour (appointments and supervision);
    • Safety, inclusion and trust (so no surveillance cameras).

We are positively surprised by their dedication and considerations.