Value Flower Method at Stadmakerscongres 2023

Visitors defining and defending values for Kralingen aan de Maas

During the Stadmakerscongres, a group of enthusiastic city-makers designed, together with initiators of the citizen’s initiative Kralingen aan de Maas potential design interventions around the water resource cycle in "The Big Nothing" - a so called the area between the football club Excelsior Rotterdam and the Oude Plantage, Rotterdam's oldest but also most neglected park. They did so using the Circular Value Flower method, which takes multiple value creation through closing resource cycles as the guiding principle in current and future area developments. Time for a New Order, was the name of the session, and we believe indeed that the role of wellbeing, biodiversity and climate adaptation should be leading in all urban policies!

Download the Open Access version of "Circular Communities: The circular value flower as a design method for collectively closing resource flows" here.