Opening Youth Hub Reyeroord

Opportunity to develop a space programmed and governed by youth

The project of Right to Reyeroord #1 [link] made civil servants of the municipality of Rotterdam aware of the urgency felt by the youth of Reyeroord to have their own place to chill, engage in music, dance, studies, etc.. They provided an alliance of local organisations (TalentzSkool, Chance to Influence, Vereniging BLIJ) with the key to a vacant daycare centre. After weeks of organizing and renovating, the location was opened by alderman Faouzi Achbar. Visitors could enjoy:

  • The opening ceremony, hosted by Els, in which she interviewed Ilona (neighbourhood networker municipality Rotterdam); Shumy (Youth Counsil); Rachel (TalentzSkool) and the alderman;
  • The performance by a local brass band;
  • Sports activities (with SOL and JOZ);
  • Performances by local dancers, musicians and rappers (with TalentzSkool);
  • Podcast recordings (with Digital Playground);
  • Home-made drinks food and snacks (with Vereniging BLIJ);
  • Workshops in the dance, music, creativity and cooking studios (with Chance to Influence);
  • Kickboxing lessons (with Vereniging BLIJ);
  • Sessions to learn to play drums (with SKVR).

In the coming months Design & Publics will engage in activities to set up and support a viable and sustainable Youth Council and a productive alliance of local organizations supporting youth in Reyeroord.