Final Presentations of Tackling Inequalities 2023

Honours students interventions for local urgencies

On June 27th 2023 the honours students who participated in the Erasmus University’s Master Honours Programme Tackling Inequalities presented the outcomes of their work at KnowledgeXY, Rotterdam-South.

  • Group 1 developed/designed the ‘City Mirror’ to address biases Rotterdammers hold of inhabitants of Rotterdam-South.
  • Group 2 developed/designed ‘Knowledge Bridge’ to support collaboration Erasmus University students and Rotterdam youth.
  • Group 3 developed/designed ‘Expo Connect’ to bridge kids and local cultural initiatives to support the latter’s extracurricular development.
  • Group 4 developed/designed ‘The floor is yours!’, a local news medium to bridge discrepancies between local youth and their neighbours/neighbourhoods.

Both Design & Publics, students and KnowledgeXY are looking into ways to realize some of these concepts.

See also: Tackling Inequalities through Co-creating Knowledge with Rotterdam's Civil Actors (news item on Erasmus Univerity's website).