Circular Value Flower

A design method for collectively closing resource flows

The Circular Value Flower has been developed as a value-based co-design and development method for circular initiatives by communities at the neighbourhood level. The method enables multiple value creation by unraveling the complex totality of ambitions, challenges, actors, technical, spatial and social possibilities when it comes to collectively closing resource flows. The Circular Value Flower is visualised by a layered diagram which has the ambitions and enablers of the community at the heart, followed by a layer of participating actors, essential resource flows, spatial neighbourhood elements and eventually by a layer of various community values. The outcome of co-creative sessions using the Circular Value Flower results in a clear map, the so called ‘Value Flower Field Maps’, which allows you to see the process in a holistic way, including the dependencies among the parties and the proposed interventions at a glance.


The Circular Value Flower method is developed in partnership with Delft University of Technology as part of the Design & Government (Ontwerp & Overheid) and the Circular Communities project (supported by Delft Global Initiative).

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The Circular Communities book can be downloaded via NAI010 publisers.

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